2018 hot sell Brand HUANAN ZHI X79 LGA2011 motherboard with M 2 slot CPU Xeon E5 2660 V2 SR1AB 2 2GHz RAM 16G 4 4G DDR3 REG ECC in Motherboards from Computer Office

2018 hot sell Brand HUANAN ZHI X79 LGA2011 motherboard with M 2 slot CPU Xeon E5 2660 V2 SR1AB 2 2GHz RAM 16G 4 4G DDR3 REG ECC in Motherboards from Computer Office
2018 hot sell Brand HUANAN ZHI X79 LGA2011 motherboard with M 2 slot CPU Xeon E5 2660 V2 SR1AB 2 2GHz RAM 16G 4 4G DDR3 REG ECC in Motherboards from Computer Office
2018 hot sell Brand HUANAN ZHI X79 LGA2011 motherboard with M 2 slot CPU Xeon E5 2660 V2 SR1AB 2 2GHz RAM 16G 4 4G DDR3 REG ECC in Motherboards from Computer Office
2018 hot sell Brand HUANAN ZHI X79 LGA2011 motherboard with M 2 slot CPU Xeon E5 2660 V2 SR1AB 2 2GHz RAM 16G 4 4G DDR3 REG ECC in Motherboards from Computer Office
2018 hot sell Brand HUANAN ZHI X79 LGA2011 motherboard with M 2 slot CPU Xeon E5 2660 V2 SR1AB 2 2GHz RAM 16G 4 4G DDR3 REG ECC in Motherboards from Computer Office
2018 hot sell Brand HUANAN ZHI X79 LGA2011 motherboard with M 2 slot CPU Xeon E5 2660 V2 SR1AB 2 2GHz RAM 16G 4 4G DDR3 REG ECC in Motherboards from Computer Office

Product Specification


Socket Type: LGA 2011

Memory Type: DDR3

Application: Desktop

Item Condition: New

Ports: PCI-Express X16

Ports: PCI-E 3.0

Ports: PS2

Ports: USB 3.0

Ports: M.2

Ports: SATA

Ports: PCI-Express X1

Ports: Ethernet

Ports: USB 2.0

Chipset: Intel X79

Launch Date: 2013

Graphics Card Type: Non-Integrated

Form Factor: ATX

Memory Bank: 4 DDR3 DIMM

With CPU: Yes

Hard Drive Interface: 5*SATA2.0; 1*SATA3.0; 2*PCIe x 16

Memory channel: Four

CPU Type: Intel

Package: Yes

Model Number: X79

Maximum Ram Capacity: 64 GB

Chipset Manufacturer: Intel

Warranty: 2 years

CPU type: Xeon E5 2660 V2 SR1AB 10 cores/20 threads

Memory: RECC 16G DDR3(4G*4) 1333

Motherboard size: 282*220mm

Tested before shipping: Yes with AIDA64 in WIN7

Feature: PCI-E NVME SSD M.2 port


Note: Pls read WUSON store and Manufacturer statements below, it would mean that you read and understand all the statements below if you make orders at WUSON store, we would not repeatedly remind you in order message or by email, so correspondingly we would definitely not accept your complaints on these statements after your orders are shipped. Thanks for understanding and support!



Manufacturer(HUANAN company) statements


>>  Due to different production batches, our motherboards may probably have slightly different design, such as different color of memory slots, different position and color of SATA ports, different motherboard versions etc,.....  They dont have any function difference. Pls in kind prevail, HUANAN company  will not make any further notice.



WUSON store statements

1: What in the package?

X79 motherboard with M.2 slot+Xeon E5 2660 V2 SR1AB CPU+4*4G DDR3 RECC+cooler adapter+SATA cable+metal back shield+driver disc+user manual


2: Why is it better for buyers to shoot an unpacking video when they get their packages?

>> Some buyers said that there is product missing when they opened their packages, then showed us some pictures, however, pictures can not prove anything as everybody knows, the best evidence is an unpacking video, so pls do it, which can help a lot if you happen to be in the same situation above, WUSON store does not accept pictures as evidence!!!!! Thank you for understanding.

>> There are 2 anti-theft seals pasted on opening of each side of the motherboard cardboard box as below, pls carefully check it when you get the package.





3: All products are tested before shipping?
Yes, WUSON store has 3 technical teams for testing every working days, so we can 1000000% guarantee that all our products are working good before being sent out from our warehouse.

4: How are the products packed, will they be intactly delivered?
Fristly, WUSON store places CPU in motherboard socket, wraps memory bars with bubbles and places them in motherboard original box; Secondly, WUSON store wraps motherboard with much bubbles and places it in the original box; Thirdly, WUSON store wraps the motherboard original box with bubbles, then puts it in a cardboard box. So we are confident to say, normally all our products can be intactly delivered. 


5: Will all packages be surely delivered within the time set by Aliexpress?

Surely not. The most intangible thing is transportation, the majority of parcels can be delivered within the required time, but nobody can guarantee that all parcels can be delivered within the time, sometimes some parcels are delayed with specified reasons such as bad weather/holiday/post office staffs strike/custom clearance delay etc.  Sometimes there is no any reason. Pls refer to the "delivery time announcement" below.  So pls think about it before you make order, as long as you make order, that means you understand everything above.



6: Do buyers need to send products back if they dont work or stop working?


WUSON store does provide 100% genuine warranty service, and we have all the power to determine whether buyers need to send products back to us or not. But that does not mean our products are unreliable, in fact as we state in statement 3 above, we strictly test ALL our products before shipping without any doubt, so normally the great majority of buyers are satisfied with our products and some of them have become our regular customers. Besides, according to what we experienced beforemany our products worked fine after they were sent back by buyers, but they did not work when buyers tested them, that's pertty weird, moreoversome buyers sent our products back without any additional protection, they just put our motherboards in the original box, then put the box in a mail bag without any bubble protection(many buyers know we wrap our motherboard and box with much bubble and put our motherboard original box in an external cardboard box), but the products still worked fine after a long journeyI think we dont need to explain too much on it


>> If our products dont work the minute when buyers get them or they stop working within half a year from the time buyers make order, the answer is 100% YES.  Especially the time when buyers just get them and start testing.

WUSON store has all the power to ask buyers to return products either for exchange or refund. 


>> If our products stop working after it has been in use for more than half a year, the answer is uncertain. WUSON store would evaluate the products condition first according to the evidence buyers provide, then make decision of whether we need buyers to send it back or we directly send another one out.


Dear customers, if you make order at WUSON store, it means you 100% agree on these statements above.




FAQs(being updated continually)

1: What is the motherboard version?

The motherboard version is not always the same as the manufacturer would update it every now and then, so the motherboard version varies from time to time due to different production batches.

​WUSON store normally would ship the latest version, pls in kind prevail, we will not make any further notice.


2: Why is there no image display on the monitor?

Pls firstly check whether the motherboard speaker beeps or not, if it beeps, it must be the video card or monitor problem, if the speaker does not beep, then pls check whether the CPU cooler spins or not, whether the LAN port light is on or off? If it spins and the LAN port light is on, its still the video card or monitor problem, but if the LAN port light is off, pls wipe all memory sticks with eraser, and then install only ONE memory stick in any one of the memory slots, start the PC.


3: Do motherboards support overclocking? Do they support SLI and Crossfire?

Responsibly speaking, WUSON store does not recommend buyer to do overclocking, which would probably bring damage to hardware, so of course we dont test overclocking and we also dont have BIOS version that supports overclocking, but some buyers said that they did overclocking on our X79 motherboards after flashing BIOS. X58 boards dont support overclocking but turbo boost. Only HUANAN ZHI deluxe X79 board supports Crossfire.


4: Why is the temperature in software so high?

Yes, HUANANZHI motherboard temperature sensor normally does not work well with some softwares like AIDA64, but it works fine with many Chinese softwares, this is confirmed by HUANANZHI company, so when you test it with those softwares, the temperature is always wrong displayed as more than 100 degrees, sometimes even higher especially when a not good cooling system is used, but actually the real temperature of the motherboard or CPU is not that high. So on the one hand, pls do not trust the software temperature display; On the other hand, pls make sure to use a very good cooling system for computer.




Product details 



Condition: Entirely new

CPU socket: LGA 2011

Model: Xeon E5/Core i7 DMI2 - C600/C200 standard LGA2011 chipset

(Xeon E5/Core i7 DMI2-P75/B75/Q75/H77 Express)    

North bridge : Intel Sandy Bridge-EP IMC

South bridge: Intel Panther point B75/P75/Q75/H77/P67 etc.; Intel Cougar Point C204/C206 etc.   

Structure: ATX

CPU supported: Intel series with LGA 2011 socket

(Xeon E5 2620/2630/2640/2650/2660/2665/2670/2680/2690/1650/1660 C2&V2 etc.,i7 LGA2011 series)

Max memory supported: 4*16G DDR3 1333/1600/1866 non ecc/reg ecc 2RX4 only

Audio port: 5.1 sound track

Integrated video card: No

Interfaces: 1*RJ45/5*SATA2.0/1*SATA3.0/2*PS/2/6*USB2.0/2*USB3.0/1*PCI-E NVME M.2

Motherboard dimension: 282*220mm

Motherboard weight(including package): 1.6kg or so


1: The CR2032 battery in motherboard photos will be removed before shipping, as battery is forbidden at CN post and custom

2: Some motherboards may have little scratches or thermal paste or finger print on the metal bracket or other metal parts, this is normal, they could be caused in assembly at workshop or during testing. It does not mean they are refurbished, all WUSON store motherboards are full new as we stated.

3: The M.2 port only supports PCI-E type SSD.

4: On the basis of not bringing function changes to the motherboard, the factory would probably improve the motherboard external design, which would probably lead to some appearance difference between batches, please refer to the real-life object.

5: If a processor is included in your order, we will keep the processor in the processor socket after testing, and the thermal paste is also covered on the processor, so when you get your products, you can directly fix a CPU cooler on the processor and test the motherboard.

6: The north bridge chip is Intel Sandy Bridge-EP and integrated with the motherboard, users can test it with softwares, the south bridge chip is not the one that defines what the motherboard is, that's why it could range from B75 to Q75, or from C204 to C206, this is technology common sense. South bridge chip is in charge of communication of I/O main line, such as PCI mainline, USB, LAN, ATA, SATA, Audio controller, keyboard controller etc. These are relatively stable, so different version of motherboard may have the same south bridge chip, the difference is the main chip, namely, north bridge chip.

7: The manufacturer has updated the motherboard, so there is an updated version 2.49P, ship at random at present.

8: WUSON store puts a driver disc in each of our motherboard box, its no doubt, however, some buyers said that there is no driver disc in the box, so WUSON store is sure that the disc must be removed by destination country custom, pls contact us and leave us your email if there is no disc in your box, we will send driver to you.

9: If the combos does not work on your hand, pls do not directly repair it in service center at high cost, otherwise WUSON store would not take any responsibility, you should contact us for warranty service.

10: All RAM in WUSON store is 2RX4 DDR3 REG ECC 1333/1600/1866MHz, so we only tested it with 2RX4 DDR3 REG ECC(1333,1600,1866 all ok), as for other RAM models buyers mentioned, such as 4RX4 or 2RX8 or others, we did not test them on our motherboards, so responsibly speaking, we are not sure whether they work ok or not with our motherboards.



Type: Intel Xeon E5 2660 V2 2.2GHz(10 cores/20 threads)

Socket type: LGA 2011

3rd level cache: 25MB

Technology: 22nm

TDP: 95W


1: CPU not entirely new, condition good, 1 year warranty

2: There may have some little physical scratches on the surface of the CPU, this is pretty normal

3: All CPU are strictly tested by WUSON store QC teams



Brand: Samsung/Crucial/Hynix/others(ship at random)

Type: REG ECC(server memory)

Frequency: DDR3 1333

Capacity: 16G(4G*4)


1: memory not entirely new, condition good, 1 year warranty

2: memory with heatsink and without heatsink, we ship at random


Delivery time announcement:

Aliexpress askes all sellers to provide a delivery time on all shipping ways, so we, as a seller, provided buyers with an approximate delivery time on each shipping way, in most cases, the majority of parcels can be delivered within the time, however, we hope you know there are always some unpredictable problems for international transportation, the problems include but not limited to these below:

1: Your parcel is returned and we reship you another one, it takes more time;

2: Your parcel is rejected by post office or custom, it takes more time to clarify issues or transship the parcel;

3: Your parcel is detained by custom(CN custom or your country custom), it takes more time to provide files to let them release the parcel;

4: Your parcel is lost in transit and we reship another one, it takes much more time;

5: Your parcel is delayed during Chinese traditional holidays and your country traditional holidays and the international holidays, such as the Chinese traditional Tomb-Sweeping holiday; Dragon Boat holiday; Middle-Autumn holiday; Chinese national day holiday; Spring Festival holiday etc. It takes more time due to these holiday delay;

6: Your parcel is delayed due to some force majeures, which include but not limited to severe weather, natural disasters or airport problems etc. It takes more time.

And so so.............

Of course they dont usually happen, but when these transportation problems happen, the delivery time will be definitely delayed at different levels, so pls try to positively understand it and do not always take "full refund if a parcel is not delivered within the required time" as your reason to file a dispute for full refund.

We value every single buyers, we know time is money in this world, we state it here just in case of these unexpected problems, if you dont agree, pls do not make order, if you make orders, we will think you agree on these terms and conditions above, your understanding would be highly appreciated!!!







大新+2660 V2+44副本










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